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Reflection Week 12

In the last meeting we learnt about Instructional variables, how we develop students interest in learning activities. First, Ms.Lydia asks us to show our expression what we feel without any voice. Because I felt so excited so I show ‘extra’ smile to them :p

“Learning would be interesting if . . .” for me learning would be interesting if I have classmate that can respect and care each other, because it makes me feel more comfortable and be more interesting to learn. We share and discuss it together. After that we watch a video about teaching and learning situation in one class. That video show us how teachers’ instruction can makes students feel interested to learn. We also discuss it with peers. It’s as easy as looked because teachers can easily control the students, but we believe that teacher needs to careful in giving instruction. Teachers also have to get students attention in the lesson beginning. It is Introdutory Focus like what Ms.Lydia explain, so a lesson beginning can attracts students attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson.

Next activity is the most interesting activity because Ms.Lydia ask us to present something that can be motivate other friends, in other word we act like a real motivator. Huaaaaaa  It’s will not be easy. In my group; Dian, Riyan, and I, we motivate other friends to be a fashionable teacher. So we try to makes others knows how to be a fashionable as a teachers because students will be more interesting to learn if teachers dressed in a neat. Actually we did that motivate session in outside campus, it makes us little bit shame. In other side, we really enjoy because Ms. Lydia act like a friend with us.

Mita Pustari


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Reflection Week 11

On the last meeting, we learn about classroom climate. First, Ms. Lydia asks us to draw how a classroom climate in our mind that can make us more comfortable to learn on that classroom into a piece of paper.  Classroom climates that can make me more comfortable to learn in my mind are no discrimination, high technology, and welcome teachers. In my paper, I draw some emoticon smile and the bigger one in the middle is the teacher. I want to show that a good classroom climate is when the students and teacher(s) feel happy and enjoy in that class. And I made one big dialog balloon that represents their mind, I believe that the students will feel more comfortable if they think that they are in safety zone. It’s means that there is(are) no stupid opinion, stupid question, or stupid answer. So, students will feel safety when they want to say something in the class. Then, I also draw a round table, because it will be easier to each other (either students or teacher(s)). The last is high technology. I design that the board is already on the table. Each of students have a screen on that table and the master screen is on the teacher(s)’s screen, so the teacher still can control them to do not doing another activity on their screen and stay focus to the lesson. That screen is their board. So if they want to do exercise on the board, they can send they work to another screen then all of students (either teacher) can see and evaluate the work. It will be more efficient than board. I hope that screen can come out as soon as possible. :p

The second activity is role play.  Our class is divided into 4 groups. There are Safety, Success, Task Comprehensive, and Challenges. My group present about Success: Self Efficacy, but I will explain about Challenges. Andi’s group presents how challenges in the classroom can motivate students to learn while learn. They show us, teacher give them challenges with doing exercise. Group that already solve one problem can take another problem then teacher will be gave them more points with that. So with challenging task will be increase their motivation. This part is related to another part, safety, success, and task comprehensive. Teachers can choose the task that relate to real life problem so the students feel more interesting to solve that problem. Before the teacher gave a challenge, make sure again the teacher already gave them clearly example. Clearly example will be increasing their self efficacy. Then, help them if they had difficulties. It will be make them feel safe.

I hope that we as a teacher can make a classroom climate that increasing their motivation to learn. It really helpful for them (students)

Mita Pustari



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Reflection Week 6

Our last meeting was really enjoy and exciting, in the first session ms.Lydia gave us reading paper about “The influence of goals on motivation to learn” and “The influence of interest and emotion on motivation to learn”. Then Fitri and I read part by part, Fitri read about “The influence of interest and emotion” and I read about “The influence of goals on motivation to learn”. Our reading didn’t really focus because actually in this meeting we want to watch a movie, then we keep our reading and continue with watching an interesting and inspiring movie. The title of that movie is “I Not Stupid”, this is a Singaporean movie about the stories of 3 primary students. One of students have talent in drawing but low in science and English, but his mother force him to only focus on those subjects. The other one is smart students, but he needs to manage his time to study and help his mother. And the last student is spoiled by his mother and he’s not usual with solve his problem by himself.

I Not Stupid

The students who have talent in drawing more prefer to drawing than learn something that he felt hard to understand like science and english, but his mother always force him to study hard on those subjects. Because he didn’t gave any positif progress in learning science and english, his mother force him by giving punishment. His mother want him to have performance goal which can make him have a goal to competence in comparison to others because his mother doesn’t want him being humiliated by others. She thought that it will be motivate him to learn science and english. But it doesn’t work. Why? sometimes students seem unmotivated because they are anxious or depressed. He have trouble to concentrating in school, it caused his negative feelings, stressed, and he believe that he is stupid because of environment influence like punisment from his mother and other people that blame him as stupid student. It can be cause that he always fail in archieve his goals. Like what my group said in our article, “good emotion has strong effect to increase students’ motivation to learn, then teacher should be able to direct the students’ emotion in order to increase students’ motivation through positive reinforcement”.


Thank you

Hopefully all of us can enjoy our last meeting before UTS, 🙂

Mita Pustari






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This article was adapted from “The Connection between Emotion and Learning “ by Candy Lawson, Ph.D.

EmotionEmotions are the feelings that color our lives and allow us to experience all of the joys and sorrows of life. Dr. Paul Ekman, an expert in the field of emotion, has identified four core emotions that are universally experienced and recognized: fear, anger, sadness and enjoyment. Most researchers believe that there are many families or dimensions of these emotions that result from the myriad blends, variations and nuances that are possible. For example, sorrow, loneliness, grief, dejection and despair are associated with sadness while happiness, joy, delight, contentment and amusement are associated with enjoyment.

Our thoughts and emotions can strongly affect motivation. Motivation is a drive or desire that compels us to do something. If we think we are a good singer, we will likely be motivated to become a member of our church choir. If we think we can’t sing, we won’t. Often students don’t seem to be motivated in school. They don’t want to do homework or schoolwork and believe that they have no control over their grades. They believe that they are dumb or stupid. Even though they put out effort, they are never successful and fail to achieve their goals. As a result, they begin to feel stressed out by school and start to feel helpless and hopeless. In this situation, their thoughts affected or caused their negative feelings. Other times students seem unmotivated because they are anxious or depressed. As a result, they have trouble concentrating in school and can’t keep their mind on their work. They may think too much about personal problems and focus on the negative. In this situation, their emotions affected or caused their negative thoughts. In both situations, a lack of motivation prevents new learning; it “turns off the switch”.

So in another words, we can conclude that good emotion has strong effect to increase students’ motivation to learn. Kind of emotions that student’s need to increase students’ motivation is good emotion, such as: happiness, joy and delight. Then, teacher should be able to direct the students’ emotion in order to increase students’ motivation through positive reinforcement.


Written by Group 1:

Desy Ayu Budi Pertiwi

Dian Eki Purwanti

Mita Pustari

Riyan Fajri

Shinta Puspita Kencanasari

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School Experience Week 2

In the second week, I felt so excited to came to school because I don’t want to missed my “extraordinary” class :p

Did you remember how “extra” my class that I’ve told you on previous reflection? Yes, I have to be extra power, extra voice, and extra teaching strategies if you want to teach extra noisy, extra, extra, and extra :p . But honestly, they motivated me to be better in managing class condition. My class is really challenging for me, in the first until fourth days I cannot really catch the class because some of students did not pay attention to the class and make class so noisy. My master teacher said that I have to be passion with that class, in every the end of my class, my master teacher always said “gimana? Masih sanggup?” oh God, I have to find the “extra” strategies that can be catch their attention. And…… tadaaaaa 😀  in the last meeting I can get all of their attention we we weeee.

How I can do that? The key is authority. In the previous meeting I said to them that we will doing games in class, but because of the time we arrange agenda together in class that tomorrow we have to do games in class and they felt so excited to this. The next day, some of them really remember about the agenda that we have discussed in the previous meeting and remind me (so excited for them yeah). The game is “BOOM 7”, all of you already know about that game, right?! After we find 7 students that must be given the punishment, other students want them to sing. I think they really enjoy at that time because the students that sing a song not only students that get punishment, but almost all of students in that class singing together. Then, we continue to the group assignment. I told them to choose, they want to divide class into some group based on my choice or themselves. All of them prefer to make a group by themselves. Then, they felt enjoy and focus (some of them) to their assignment. Huuuffttt, finally they can focus on their task. In the end of the session, one of students asks me for the next agenda (I still have 1hour in the next session) to watching movie. Honestly, it’s not in my plan. But, I try the strategies with giving them the authority. Some of students that really noisy in class can be so quiet and calm because of that movie. In the middle of that movie, I stop the movie and I ask them to finishing their task that I have given it to them. The movie can control their attention, they really excited when doing that task.

So guys, if we want to manage the class well, we have to catch all of students’ attention first. 🙂


Mita Pustari




School Experience Week 1

First week, Huft. . .

Actually there are so many thing that I want to share with all of you guys, but the important thing is I MISS YOU guys, I miss our class, I miss doing role play again, hiks T.T because in teaching in real class is so different with teaching in our class (micro teaching). I’ve got school experience in GP School and I teach XI Science Class. For first day, I observe Mr.X in TOEFL class, why not math class? Because I not only observe the teacher but also observe the students, because the important thing that i have to know the condition of my class that i will teach in. And you know, I teach the most “extraordinary” class, extra noisy, extra attractive, extra and extra, also to teach them we have to extra voice, extra passion, extra spirit, and teaching strategies extra hahaha 😀 Mr.X teach about TWE (Test Writing English). The methods that used is TCL (Teacher Centered Learning) but in the end of the explanation, he try to motivate the students to stay focus with “do you want to know?” or “I think you can”. I believe that with that words, it can make students be more interest to stay focus.

In the second day, I start teach that class. The material that I teach is about sum and product of sine & cosine. This class consist of 28 students, 18 boys and only 10 girls (you can imagine how “Extra” my class :p). In the beginning of the lesson, i have to absent the students (call their names one by one) and i can remember their names 30% (Alhamdulillah ya 🙂 ). I dont want to call their name with “kamu” or “hey”. If I didn’t know the name, I will ask their friends first about his/her name then call his/her name directly. As I said in the previous reflection that it can be motivate the students when the teacher teach and we call his/her name when we giving them some instruction or other things. Honestly, I did not give up with my “extraordinary” class. I got that class and they motivate me to have to much learn about the learning strategies that can be make them (“extraordinary” students) success to be the real “extraordinary” class in positive thing (achievement, moral, etc). Believe in me, if you find the same characters of class with me, you will be missing them (“extraordinary” students) so much someday 🙂 .

Success guys: D

Mita Pustari