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We, as a Motivator :)

MMSEL class in the last meeting was very interesting! It was because of the activity. We did motivation session that made by us as a motivator. Each group have different theme of motivation session and for sure it was interesting. 🙂

Before we did the activity, we started the class by showing others about our mood todays. So, we can know what others feeling in the morning when class started. That’s funny, because my friends and I gave different emoticon that showed on their face. It was happy, sad, broken, no feeling, sleepy, etc. But, most of them gave a happy face because we know that the class will be funny and interesting! 🙂

Ok, for the first, Mrs. Lydia explained us about Instructional variables, developing interest in learning activities. Instructional variables are very important to increase students’ motivation in learning. Instructional variables consist of introductory focus, understanding personalization, promoting involvement, and feedback. Introductory focus is a lesson beginning that attracts attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson. In this part, we talk about how to get student’s attention in the beginning of the lesson, how to make students interest and want to know more about the lesson. We can use some tools/techniques for this, we can give problems or questions to students that related to the lesson, concrete examples, also give explanation about the objectives.

If we talk about personalization, we concern about what the teacher can do to personalize the lesson to students’ lives. We try to understand what students want and don’t go far away from what the students know and also students environment. That’s we called it understanding personalization, try to understand the students.

Then, involvement talk about the interesting way to make students involved in the activity, so they can actively participating in learning activity. Maybe we can use open ended question for strategy in promoting involvement because open ended questions is important to increase intrinsic interest and students’ motivation. Each student will feel free to share their opinion to others and maybe we can more understand about their ability and what they want to know. For the last, it’s about feedback. We can meet the students need and what they can improve.

After that, we did motivation session and we acted as a motivator. My group and I talk about multiple intelligences. For the motivation session, evik acted as a moderator, huda as presenter, Titiah as Valentino risa and I acted as Agnes Mocere. What a weird name I think. haha  -___-a Ok forget it, we continue. Agnes is a singer, and valentino as a racer. They have their own ability. Maybe they have abilities in Math, English, science, art, writing, and etc. But, they have chosen what they want to improve until they were being a people like now, as a singer and as a racer. As a teacher, maybe we can force the students to do all various intelligences. They can choose what the best one for them, they have different multiple intelligences and they can improve their abilities with their intelligences. And when we talk about motivation, we can support them to reach what they want because their life is in their hand, teacher only act as a motivator for them that always supporting them to be the best one. 🙂

Novani Lieadi


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Create a Motivating Classroom :)

As always, MMSEL class in the last meeting was interesting because we did drawing and role play again. We learned about class climate through those activities. First, draw condition of class that represent effective classroom that can increase students motivation in learning process. We design our own classroom that can be effective classroom environment in supporting students’ motivation in learning.

There are one teacher and some students in the picture of my own classroom. Students work in group and make a discussion. So, they can share their opinion to each other. We draw students in group discussion doesn’t mean that the students always work in groups because it can’t be effective. Sometimes they need to work and learn individually, then try to understand about what the teacher explained. So, there is a time to learn individually and also to learn in group. In my picture, teacher was illustrated move from one side to other side. It means that the teacher walk around the class to monitor the students. If teacher found the student who can’t understand well, teacher will help them. The result of group work will be presented and explained by the students in front of the class, so each group can share each other to get other information that is meaningful for them. Then, the product of student’s project will be displayed in the class. It shows appreciation from the teacher to students.

I think class condition that I draw can represent about the effective classroom climate that can motivate students in learning. But there are some conditions also from the teacher that can create a motivating classroom. Those are order and safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension. Mrs. Lydia divides us into some groups and each group did role play to represent about one aspect. My group and I did role play about success developing learner efficacy. To develop it, teacher can start the lesson with questioning and give open ended question, use variety of high quality examples, develop lessons questioning, and also give feedback to students. So they can increase their performance in learning better.

From other groups, I also learned about order and safety, challenge, and task comprehension. I will explain more about challenge in this reflection. I learned this from group 2. About challenge, teacher increase students’ perception about their ability. Students have to know their own ability and what they can improve, but still have a confidence that they can do their best in doing work. If teacher find the student who can’t do their work, teacher can ask them to discuss with their friends so students can know about other perception how to solve the problem. After they finished their work, they can take other problem, higher problem that can increase their competence. In this case, teacher encourages students and gives challenge to the students.

We learned a lot from this activity, how to design an effective classroom climate and how to create a motivating classroom. Hopefully I can be a teacher who can make positive classroom climate, a motivating classroom that can support students’ learning. 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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