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Class Situation, Learner, and Teacher

Last week of MMSEL course, we have a lot of discussion in group. The topic for the day is about 3 things that can affect someone to learn, that are class structure, teacher, and also learner. Before we started the activity, we have brain gym to make us more relax and ready to do the activity. After that, we did group discussion. Mrs. Lydia divided us into some groups.

My group and I discussed about the teacher. We consider for a moment about motivating teacher that helped us as a learner to genuinely want to learn who was able to influence us to go beyond another course finished, another credit earned. We imagined that teacher and remember what learning was like in that classroom. For me, it was in junior high school. When I was in Junior high school, I join science club. This class is prepared for Olympiad. This club is guided by the teacher that can motivate me when I learnt about Mathematics. He showed me many application in Mathematics, how to learn with the real object, for example learn Math using “Hanoi Tower”. I learned about pattern of sequence and how to get the sequence by using that real object. That’s very interesting. My teacher always supports me when I felt that I can’t solve the problem, when I stacked on one problem. He was a teacher who was motivated me and my friends. In this club, we have the same purpose and we struggle together to get that we want. This club is like special class after or before the formal class. We solve higher level problem and my teacher show me the way how to solve it with interesting way. I think the teacher like that can motivate us in better learning and can increase student’ self expectation.

For the class structure, there are some affects that can improve student’s motivation. That are about classmates who care, helpful, cooperative, kind, active, responsible, open minded and respect. That can make us comfortable in learning process. Beside of that, the class condition (Clean, temperature, facilitation, size) is important. Motivation and interest from learner itself is also affects someone to learn that can help students in developing their self confidence in learning process.

Then, we discussed about teacher characteristics deeply. It’s about mastery focused and performance. In mastery focused, we talk about the material. We focus on the process, not result; teacher can give project or task based on students’ interest but still challenges. About the performance, teacher can make every students feel like somebody. Students can see the performance and reflect each other to make a better learning. I hope for the future, I can be a teacher that can motivate my students in learning.

Novani Lieadi



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I am not Stupid too!

The last meeting of MMSEL class was so interesting. We just watched a movie with title “I not Stupid”. That movie is so interesting and very inspiring me as a teacher candidate.  This movie tell about three students who are all in low level class, the hopeless bunch in the “perfect” education system, where the smart ones gets the recognition of being smart and the weak ones are branded unfairly as stupid, useless and of no use to the society which favor prioritizes degrees, science and math.

One of Students is under pressure of his mother who pressures him to get 90 points in his exams, but he will never be able to do it. It was not because he doesn’t want to study, but it because of Math and Science is not his expert. As we know that he is good in painting, but his mother still force him to get good mark in math test. In that situation, I think this student can’t develop his ability to draw. Forced by his mother also can decrease his self-esteem, he’ll think that he is stupid and useless, but actually he is not. But I like a moment when there is one teacher who come and always support him in whatever situation. This teacher like his painting and doesn’t force him to get good mark in math lesson because she know that he is good in painting.

Another life from one student named terry who is rich, but does not even know how to make coffee and is often too scared to stand up for his much braver friends as his mother taught him “It’s none of you businessssssss”. You know that one thing that terry didn’t have is freedom. He never can decide one best thing for his life because he always listen and do whatever his mother saying. Based on Maslow theory, everyone need physiological, safety, and loves to make them feel comfort with the environment. But from this point of view, what Terry get for their life? He just has material that he needed, safety from his parents (not environment), how about loves and freedom? He can’t do anything that he wants to do and he doesn’t ever know how about the environment. So, parent’s love and care is not about the material, but also give freedom and let the children know the environment deeper.

Then, one other student who should taking care one stale of his mother, taking care of his younger brother while his mom works, doing a lot of homework even though he is hopeless to do it.  But, he motivated after being inspired by a new math teacher who actually cared about her students, studied hard to better himself, because he knew he could.

So, from this movie I learnt many things that students need person who can motivate them to reach their dream. There is no stupid student, but there are students who doesn’t have teacher who can understand and motivate them. Very inspiring movie 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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