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Instructional Activity

MMSEL course today is started by showing mood. Actually I got miss instruction, because I don’t know the instruction. I think we should show mood based on PPT from Ibu Lydia, but we should show our own mood in that time. So, I just smileJ. It means I feel ashamed. After that we talk about interest, how to design classroom that fulfill student interest. That will be hard, but teacher should do it to make student interest to learn. Even student have different interest, teacher able to generalize it and apply in the class.

We can make an interesting activity in the class based on our instructional variable. The variable is introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback. Introductory focus is attracting students’ attention; it can be apply by using Varity method that interesting for student. Then personalization is link to students’ lives, it mean teacher able to know every student personality and emotion, so teacher should try to fulfill it when teaching material. After that Involvement, involvement is increasing intrinsic interest. It can be apply by using open-ended questions and using hand-on activities. The last is feedback; teacher should give feedback to increase student interest and self-efficacy.

Today activity also a motivation section, every group present their ability in motivate their friend. That is interesting, but I can’t perform well in this motivation section. I am sorry, because my group still confuses the flow of word that should tell to the audience. Actually the ability to motivate is very important to make student feel interesting and motivate to learn. I will learn more to do it.

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