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Week 12: Instructional Variable & Motivation Session

Last week, MMSEL class was very different with previous class. Most of MMSEL class last week spent in an activity, outdoor activity, motivation session. Before that activity begun, Ms. Lidya asked us to show our emotion that day, whether happy, sad, sleepy, or whatever emotion that day without say even a word. We have to use our face to express our feeling. So many expression appears, but mostly is happy, about me of course still sleepy hehehehe. After showing our face expression, we continued to watching video (thanks to Ratih for remind me about this). The video shows teacher who gave instruction to students and the students seems very well prepared for these instructions. In my opinion, it takes times to make students do something like that, and it was amazing.

Next activity learns about Instructional Variables. The instructional variables divided into four parts, introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback. First is introductory focus, it means teacher should be able to create a beginning or opening of a class that attract students’ attention. Besides attract students’ attention, opening activity also should be able to provide a conceptual framework for students. Hence, the expected result is students’ attention gained and they got conceptual knowledge of the material.

Second is personalization, it means that teacher should be able to make connection between the material and students’ live. This is also important for help students to get the main concept of the material. The common example is contextual learning that related the learning material into real life condition.

The main activity in last week is motivation session. We were divided based on article’s posting group to create a motivation session. In my group which consists of Novani, Evik, Titiah, and I choose multiple intelligences as main topic to be delivered. Then, we began to discuss the technical aspects and how we will deliver the material. Based on discussion, Evik was chosen as motivator, Novani as Agnes Mocerai, Titiah as Valentina Rissa, and I as moderator. Then, when our turn comes we begin the role play. The main point of role pay is to convey the teacher candidates/audiences that students are unique; they have different need and different interest in learning. So, as teacher we have to aware and do not force what we want to them.

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Create a Motivating Classroom :)

As always, MMSEL class in the last meeting was interesting because we did drawing and role play again. We learned about class climate through those activities. First, draw condition of class that represent effective classroom that can increase students motivation in learning process. We design our own classroom that can be effective classroom environment in supporting students’ motivation in learning.

There are one teacher and some students in the picture of my own classroom. Students work in group and make a discussion. So, they can share their opinion to each other. We draw students in group discussion doesn’t mean that the students always work in groups because it can’t be effective. Sometimes they need to work and learn individually, then try to understand about what the teacher explained. So, there is a time to learn individually and also to learn in group. In my picture, teacher was illustrated move from one side to other side. It means that the teacher walk around the class to monitor the students. If teacher found the student who can’t understand well, teacher will help them. The result of group work will be presented and explained by the students in front of the class, so each group can share each other to get other information that is meaningful for them. Then, the product of student’s project will be displayed in the class. It shows appreciation from the teacher to students.

I think class condition that I draw can represent about the effective classroom climate that can motivate students in learning. But there are some conditions also from the teacher that can create a motivating classroom. Those are order and safety, success, challenge, and task comprehension. Mrs. Lydia divides us into some groups and each group did role play to represent about one aspect. My group and I did role play about success developing learner efficacy. To develop it, teacher can start the lesson with questioning and give open ended question, use variety of high quality examples, develop lessons questioning, and also give feedback to students. So they can increase their performance in learning better.

From other groups, I also learned about order and safety, challenge, and task comprehension. I will explain more about challenge in this reflection. I learned this from group 2. About challenge, teacher increase students’ perception about their ability. Students have to know their own ability and what they can improve, but still have a confidence that they can do their best in doing work. If teacher find the student who can’t do their work, teacher can ask them to discuss with their friends so students can know about other perception how to solve the problem. After they finished their work, they can take other problem, higher problem that can increase their competence. In this case, teacher encourages students and gives challenge to the students.

We learned a lot from this activity, how to design an effective classroom climate and how to create a motivating classroom. Hopefully I can be a teacher who can make positive classroom climate, a motivating classroom that can support students’ learning. 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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What are my teaching reflection?

In second week of my teaching experience, i have taught students in class X-1 and also conducted action research for reflection to improve my teaching. As i said before on the first reflection of my teaching experience, i used TGT (Team Games Tournament) for my method of action research. This method make the students feel enjoy the class because they can work in group to solve the problems. Each group compete each other to collect the point, we called it as tournament. But there is one question in my mind, the students are really understood about the lesson or not.

Before I started TGT (Team Games Tournament), I have explained the topic about how to find the root of quadratic equation to the students. I hope they can really understand what I explained to them. To check their understanding, I gave them some exercises in group and let them to discuss it. I asked the students to make sure that all of group members should to understand how to solve the problem of quadratic equation. They said that they were feeling happy and enjoy the class. But, when TGT started, some of them can’t understand well about quadratic equation, we call it slow learner and how can they solve the problem if they don’t really understand about it? This is reflection for me, the method that I used can motivate them to learn but this method didn’t work for some students, they can’t really understand about the material deeply. Some students are fast learner and some students are slow learner. Although we used TGT as group work, actually some of them still work individually.

Other reflection for me is about handout for students. My master teacher usually gives them handout that contains of material and step-step to solve the problem. In my first teaching, I gave them handout about quadratic equation, problem, and also steps to solve the problem. But in my next teaching, I didn’t give handout to my students. And do you know what happened when I didn’t give them handout? They were confused how to solve the problem and what the steps that should be taken by them. They were not really learn the material from the explanation from the teacher. When I gave them exercises, the students always ask me the way or the steps how to solve it. If they have got it, then they did it. I think giving handout to the students is not good enough and not effective. Actually, the purpose is to make the students understand the material systematically and clearly. But it can make the students being dependent and they can’t brainstorm it by themselves. That’s my reflection. Hopefully i can do better in the next teaching. 🙂

Novani Lieadi


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I Love All of My Students!

In this semester, I did teaching Experience in one school at Menteng . This is my first time to teach alone in the classroom and also do actions research in this school. I taught first grade for topic Quadratic equation. Before I teach the students in class X-1, I observed my master teacher when he taught the students in class XI-social about statistic. My master teacher is more teacher centered learning. He just explained and gave examples about statistical data. Some students were not looked enthusiastic in learning and not all students were being active in the class.

I want to give something different with my master teacher. I want to teach my students in class X-1 with cooperative learning by using TGT (Team Games Tournament). The method that I used is not fully TGT (Team Games Tournament), but just let the students work in group to increase their understanding , make sure that all of them understand about the topic and then give them individual test. The result of individual test will be depends on individual score and also mean of group score. So, each student in each group should be understood about the topic that we have learned. Individual test will be on different level. Each student in one group will get 1 problem that suitable with his/her understanding. But first of all, I have divided them into some group and each group consists of students that have different level of understanding (Based on the result of their mid-term test).

Why I use TGT (Tea Games Tournament)? It was because of used cooperative learning by group work for the first meeting in class X-1 is not effective enough. There are some students who still work individually even though in their group. Beside of that, students with low level of understanding were not actively participating in group work.  When I ask some students to solve the problem, there are some students who were not really understand how to solve it. So, I used TGT (Team Games Tournament) to increase their motivation in learning math and also improve their understanding that can improve their achievement.

In other that, I learnt other thing. There is one of my students who a special student. He is gifted student. He is clever student, but for Mathematics only. My master teacher said that my special student is actually an autism student; he is the best in mathematics. One of my reason using TGT is because of him too. He has high level of understanding in math. 🙂

In other class, in class XI-Social, I met a special student too; she said that she is a half-autism. She has a very obsessive behavior with one thing that is about computer. She loves all about thing that related to technology. But, in learning other thing, she can’t concentrate if she is not sit down at front row.

From this experience, I get the point that my student in my class (he) and also student in social class are need more attention, care and motivation from us to feel that they feels. Last but not least, I just want to say actually my students has different characteristic and behavior, but I love all of them however they are! 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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