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Perspective of Stupidity

In this week sixth of MMSEL class, we have different activity, and I like it; watching a movie. The title of this movie is “I Not Stupid”. This movie is one of inspirational movies that I have been watched. This movie is telling many stories that usually happened in our daily life such as friendship, school, bully, gossip, motivation, trusty, and belief. The big picture of this movie is about endurance / patience in facing problems that strongly influenced by motivation.
Brief story about this movie is about students who sit on EM3 class. This class has an unmotivated teacher who teaches in mathematics. The teacher said that EM3 students are hopeless. However, the situation changed when they have new teacher who motivate them in learning Mathematics. In this class there are three students who become central of the movie.

First student is Terry who very obedient and has middle-low intelligence. He has a mother who very obsessed with English and very authoritarian. His father is an entrepreneur who facing decreasing market shares in his business. He also has sister who very labile and like other adolescence, want to become free. Second student is Kok Pin who shows talent in art but his parents obsessed in Mathematics & Science, so he forced to be mastered at mathematics and science by using negative reinforcement by his mother. Third student is Boon Hock who has capability in mathematics but face problem in learning because he has to help his family who has low income.

These three students share same problem, having parents who see them as stupid students and desired them to be mastered in Mathematics & English. Besides that problem, they also have their own problem which increases their problems. For example, Terry always needs other people to protect him (needs of safety) from someone who bullied him. Other problem is Boon Hock who actually has talent in Mathematics but has limitation on learning time. He has to help his family in food court, studying, and babysitting his sister at once. However I think he is most lucky one, because his mother is not as extreme as Terry’s or Kok Pin’s mother. He also show increasing mark after he motivated by EM3 Mathematics’ new teacher.

Another example is Kok Pin who always receives punishment when he got bad mark by his mother. Actually, his mother is undesired those reinforcement but her friends suggested to use negative reinforcement. This reinforcement becomes extrinsic motivation which pushes Kok Pin to study hard and get good mark (showing goal of performance). Even though he has learnt very hard he still got bad mark and it make him feel scared to going home. In the state of scare of his mother and her punishment, Kok Pin decided to commit suicide by jumping from the building (failure that decreasing self-esteem). Fortunately, police officer catches him (even at first there is misunderstanding) and save him from his death which is has been in front of his eyes (needs of care and love).

I Not Stupid


Like another predictable movie, this movie also provides a happy ending. First, Kok Pin won drawing competition in USA and also recommended to study there. Then, Terry’s father and Kok Pin’s father making peace. Even, Kok Pin’s father help Terry’s father to regain market share. At the end, this movie implicitly told us to beware of our action who judges someone as stupid. Maybe, at that field s/he has weaknesses, but in other filed s/he could be far mastered compare with us. So, it is very unwise judging someone (especially students) just from one perspective, we have to see them from different and many perspectives, especially for us as teacher candidates who will be deal with various students in the class.

Huda Marofiq

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I am not Stupid too!

The last meeting of MMSEL class was so interesting. We just watched a movie with title “I not Stupid”. That movie is so interesting and very inspiring me as a teacher candidate.  This movie tell about three students who are all in low level class, the hopeless bunch in the “perfect” education system, where the smart ones gets the recognition of being smart and the weak ones are branded unfairly as stupid, useless and of no use to the society which favor prioritizes degrees, science and math.

One of Students is under pressure of his mother who pressures him to get 90 points in his exams, but he will never be able to do it. It was not because he doesn’t want to study, but it because of Math and Science is not his expert. As we know that he is good in painting, but his mother still force him to get good mark in math test. In that situation, I think this student can’t develop his ability to draw. Forced by his mother also can decrease his self-esteem, he’ll think that he is stupid and useless, but actually he is not. But I like a moment when there is one teacher who come and always support him in whatever situation. This teacher like his painting and doesn’t force him to get good mark in math lesson because she know that he is good in painting.

Another life from one student named terry who is rich, but does not even know how to make coffee and is often too scared to stand up for his much braver friends as his mother taught him “It’s none of you businessssssss”. You know that one thing that terry didn’t have is freedom. He never can decide one best thing for his life because he always listen and do whatever his mother saying. Based on Maslow theory, everyone need physiological, safety, and loves to make them feel comfort with the environment. But from this point of view, what Terry get for their life? He just has material that he needed, safety from his parents (not environment), how about loves and freedom? He can’t do anything that he wants to do and he doesn’t ever know how about the environment. So, parent’s love and care is not about the material, but also give freedom and let the children know the environment deeper.

Then, one other student who should taking care one stale of his mother, taking care of his younger brother while his mom works, doing a lot of homework even though he is hopeless to do it.  But, he motivated after being inspired by a new math teacher who actually cared about her students, studied hard to better himself, because he knew he could.

So, from this movie I learnt many things that students need person who can motivate them to reach their dream. There is no stupid student, but there are students who doesn’t have teacher who can understand and motivate them. Very inspiring movie 🙂

Novani Lieadi



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