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Week 11th Reflection: Positive Climate and Motivation

In this week we have three major activities in our MMSEL class, drawing, gallery walk and role play. Those three activities were helping me understand what kind of factors or aspects that needed in our class in order to make our students motivated to learning and motivated in the learning process.

First is drawing about classroom condition that bring positive climate and motivate students to learn. Last week I drew a class with semi-circle siting arrangement, so teacher could see all students and all students could see teacher too. Other consideration was this class expected to accommodate students with visual type learning, this sitting arrangement provide equal chance to see the board. I also tried to accommodate kinesthetic learner, this semi-circle sitting arrangement provide more spaces so kinesthetic learner will have more chance to move. Besides that to support learning process, I also put some learning resources and computer that connected to internet in one corner of the class, for preparation just in case if students need more resources.

After finished the drawing, Ms. Lidya asked us to put our drawings to the wall and did gallery walk. The class divided into two group, first group was consists of half of students’ numbers will stayed in their drawings ad explain what the meaning that lay behind the drawing. The rest students will present their drawings later after Ms. Lidya give instruction to swap the position.

When the gallery walk finished, Ms. Lidya formed group to make role play about topic that given. My group consists of Ratih, Shinta, Nanay, Joey and I, presented role play about Order and Safety in the class. Then, after several minutes discussion we decided to divide the role of each person. Joey and I became students who bullied Shinta and Nanay, and Ratih become teacher. Our role play was good enough, so our friends could get the message that we want to deliver through role play.

Another role good role play was fourth group who presented role play based on topic Task Comprehension. They played the role play very well and from their role play I could get that in Task Comprehension, they emphasize on students need for autonomy by gave students chance to choose task that students want to do. Besides that, fourth group also emphasize on importance of the task for students and how to increase students’ awareness of what students should do in order to complete the task.

Gallery walk and role play really help me to understand the material easily. I hope I can create activities that more interesting in my future class, so my students will motivated and enjoy the learning process, and more important is to make them addicted for learning.

Huda Marofiq


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What are my teaching reflection?

In second week of my teaching experience, i have taught students in class X-1 and also conducted action research for reflection to improve my teaching. As i said before on the first reflection of my teaching experience, i used TGT (Team Games Tournament) for my method of action research. This method make the students feel enjoy the class because they can work in group to solve the problems. Each group compete each other to collect the point, we called it as tournament. But there is one question in my mind, the students are really understood about the lesson or not.

Before I started TGT (Team Games Tournament), I have explained the topic about how to find the root of quadratic equation to the students. I hope they can really understand what I explained to them. To check their understanding, I gave them some exercises in group and let them to discuss it. I asked the students to make sure that all of group members should to understand how to solve the problem of quadratic equation. They said that they were feeling happy and enjoy the class. But, when TGT started, some of them can’t understand well about quadratic equation, we call it slow learner and how can they solve the problem if they don’t really understand about it? This is reflection for me, the method that I used can motivate them to learn but this method didn’t work for some students, they can’t really understand about the material deeply. Some students are fast learner and some students are slow learner. Although we used TGT as group work, actually some of them still work individually.

Other reflection for me is about handout for students. My master teacher usually gives them handout that contains of material and step-step to solve the problem. In my first teaching, I gave them handout about quadratic equation, problem, and also steps to solve the problem. But in my next teaching, I didn’t give handout to my students. And do you know what happened when I didn’t give them handout? They were confused how to solve the problem and what the steps that should be taken by them. They were not really learn the material from the explanation from the teacher. When I gave them exercises, the students always ask me the way or the steps how to solve it. If they have got it, then they did it. I think giving handout to the students is not good enough and not effective. Actually, the purpose is to make the students understand the material systematically and clearly. But it can make the students being dependent and they can’t brainstorm it by themselves. That’s my reflection. Hopefully i can do better in the next teaching. 🙂

Novani Lieadi


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Week Fourth: Teaching Experience

Start from 10th October, my friends and I (section B & D, 2009 cohort) are doing teaching experience. This teaching experience was designed for two weeks. Fortunately there is no class during teaching experience session, it purposed for make us focused on our teaching experience and other embedded tasks on teaching experience. This semester I placed in a famous national high school in Kebayoran Baru area. In that school I got XI Science as class that I will conduct teaching experience, classroom action research (CAR), and other embedded class. As usual, we also got master teacher as our advisor in teaching experience and I got Mr. N as my master teacher. He is very good teacher, his math acquisition is good, very good. He could deliver the lesson material without any losing grip even the class is noisy.

Mr. N gave me many lessons to be learnt, from communication, learning flow, Mathematics skill, explanation skill, class management, and creating enjoy learning environment. That is all I got from twice observation in his class. One thing that I have not understood yet is class management. He teaches in one of XI science class that contains of students who could be categorized as noisy, ignorance students. He likes has charisma that even his presence in front of the class is enough to make students calm down. That is contrast with me, even I increase my voice volume students still not pay attention.


That is only a part of unexpected condition in my class. What about the other parts? It still contrasts. I have been taught twice in that class, most of my energy ruined for gaining their attention to lesson. At first I thought there was something wrong with my teaching, however when I heard same story from my friends who taught in the same class with me, I feel something wrong not just in my side. After all, I could not blame students who acted like that in the class, as teacher I have responsibility to make learning take place no matter the cost. Starting from this statement, I tried to communicate with them more personally. This action very helpful from me, by using personal approach to them I could lead them to do task that I gave to them.

One important thing that I got from what happened in my class; to be a teacher means to be ready for whatever condition of the class and ready for whatever condition of the students.

Huda Marofiq


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