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Instructional Variables

Thursday, Desember 8th, 2011

Yeah, today is MMSEL class again, I don’t feel sleepy like last week, I have more spirit today, even though I feel tired because so many assignments, hehehehehehe.

Today, we learn about Instructional Variables, it’s about instructional that can develop students’ interesting in learning. Instructional variables consist of introductory focus, personalization, feedback, assessment and learning. Introductory focus is talking about first impression in the first meeting, like example from Miss Lydia , when we arrived in SSE in the first time, we have so many question, how the learning process will be run? We have so many feelings like scary, afraid, and curious about the learning process in SSE, Actually not only us, but most of students when they came as freshmen in their new school. It’s very important that in the first meeting, teacher must give good example to them, so that, the students have motivation to follow learning process and not afraid again. After that, we talking about personalization and giving feedback.

After we learn the material, miss Lydia ask me to discuss in group to be a motivator, and present it in front of our friends. I’m very interesting when I hear this, my spirit increase fastly, hehehehehhehe. My group consist of, Novani, Titiah, and Huda. We are a good combination in that time. We want to give motivation about multiple intelligences. We present not in the classroom, but we present in front of SSE, so it feel like outdoor class. Very interesting, hehehehhehe. We have number two to present our motivation. Huda as moderator, Novani as someone that has intelligence in Music (Agnes Mo cerai), and Titiah as someone that has intelligence in Sport (Valentina Risa), andI am as motivator. In our motivation we talk about multiple intelligences, every students is unique, so that we cannot coercive our students to be good in mathematics if the has good in music, it’s no problem, when, the study mathematics, but don’t make them o be expert in everything. Everyone has strength and weakness. So we must proud about our students has. This is the main point about our motivation.

I think enough for today, I feel happy, because today we present again and role play again like last week, hehehehehhe. Hopefully in the next meeting, there is a role play again. 😀


Evik Dwi Priagung


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Time to Show (Again) :D

Thursday, 1st of December 2011

Today is second meeting after mid-term, I don’t know why, I don’t have spirit to go to campus, maybe it’s because I have done so many things, before I arrived in Campus, I feel so sleepy, but I still have struggle to fight my laziness, huh, even though it’s very hard. As usual I sit in the second row from whiteboard, my favorite place in MMSEl class, and the class started at 8.10 o’clock.

It’s not usual, not like the previous meeting and the other last meeting, in the first, if someone come late to the class, they will be review material in the previous meeting, I think it’s quite interesting, because it can make us more strike with the time. Don’t come late if you don’t want to get a big surprise. Hehehehheehhe. In this week, the lucky friend is Faqih, because he came in the last, so he must review about teacher, learner and environment that can give more motivation to learn

After this review, Miss Lydia give explanation about what will we learn today, yeah today we learn about Classroom Climate that give motivation to us as students. After that, we divided into 4 groups to do role play based on the paper that we get. Wow, Role play, I am exciting directly, my sleepy also gone directly. Is it strange I think No, because I love role play, I love acting, and I love to be a center of attention. My group consists of Ipin, Aida, Fitri, Faqih, and I. All of us are a good actress/actor, hehehehhehe. Okay I’ll explain briefly, we explain about task comprehension that give self-autonomy to students, it’s mean that as a teacher, we must consider about the task, we must make like agreement to student so that students don’t feel hard to do our homework.

About Order and Safety
This part is explained and role played by Jonathan, mbak Shinta, Huda, Ratih, and Nia, they also good actor/actress in this class. I think all of my friends in Section B are good actor/actress, hehehehehe. But, I don’t talk about the acting but I’ll talk about content, Order and Safety.
From their role play, I more understand about this topic, as a teacher we must prepare about students’ safety. It’s actually happen in real class. For Example, when the teacher give project to students, and some group can do well, but other group not, sometimes the good group (the group can do well) often give negative reinforcement like said huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, “gitu aja gak bisa”, “ih gimana sich, dasar malas”, “gak mau berusaha sih”, etc. Actually it can increase self-esteem students that can’t do well in the project. Based on the case, teacher must prepare about it, the teacher must make students that can’t do well feel safe and encourage them so that they can do better in the next step. Teacher also give advises so that the student’s confident can back again or the advises can help students to work better like Ratih did in the Role Play. Thank You for this group, all of you can make understand about order and safety.

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first Reflection after mid semester

Thursday, 24th of November 2011

Well, today is the first day after we did mid semester, wow, the time is run faster, hehehehehe. Yeah, today is still MMSEL course that started at 8.00am o’clock. Today we learn so many things, we learn about teacher, learner and environment that increase our motivation to learn in that class.

Before we discuss it more, in the first time we divided into three big groups. In this part, we got different topic to discuss with our big group and in this moment I got teacher, what will we do? Yeah we write anything about our experience in the past about learner, teacher, and environment that increase our motivation to learn. I got teacher, so I focus to write about my experience with my teacher. Only few story for my experience, in my senior high school, I am not good in mathematics, but in the ninth grade, I can get better in mathematics because my teacher encourage me to ask and give me to chance to do anything about math, she always give explanation with real one, it make so happy to learn mathematics, so that I can got good mark in mathematics. I’m very happy about that.

After, we write our experience, we share each other with the rule, the small group consist of 3 group that have one from teacher, one from learner and one from environment. I got mbak Desy and Jonathan. I learn environment from mbak Desy and I can learn about leraner from Jonathan. This is very interesting, because I can learn with my friend and it make me more understand.

After share with jonathan and mbak desy, we share with our friend, Miss lidya guide us so that we can get the important key about learner, teacher, and environment that can help students to feel happy and comfort in learning process.

After that, we also discuss more about that, I discussed with Rahayu and Novani, we discuss deeply about teacher that must be a motivator and make student feel comfort in learning process. we discuss it in Library, because we want to find some resources. After we find it, we must write it and we presented it to our friend, the role is if one of us be a presenter and then the other must go to the other group’s work. It’s very interesting.

I think, it’s enough for today, I got so many thing with fun way to get it. Thank you for all.


Evik Dwi Priagung



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“I not Stupid’ Movie Session. :)

Hmmmm, today is MMSEL class and I got beautiful class in that day, why? Because I watched an amazing movie that can motivate me and teach me to always say thanks to God about what I have. But before I told about film, first of all, I want to tell the activity before we watched the movie.

In the first activity, we talked about our midterm. Oh My God, I feel so afraid and so nervous about the task. It’s wonderful task. Hehehhehehee, because we must do presentation in group and make a report about our school experience. But, it’s okay, hopefully all of us can do the best and get better. Amin. 🙂

Okay, after talking about the midterm task, we continue about watching movie, actually this activity will be replace by the discussion because some of reason, hehehhe, But, thanks again, the reason can be erase and we could watch the movie that has title “I not Stupid” from Thailand. Only the little story, this film tell about children that has special ability, I mean not ability like six sense but they has ability to draw well, so that he can be a second winner in the drawing competition in USA, the another about students that don’t like math but he try to love and know deeper about math, so that he can get good mark in math.

Okay, now I will talk about reflection after I watched this film. So many things that I got, I learn that if we want to reach my dream, we must belief that we can reach it, don’t be lose and we must struggle harder to get it. I see that, the students in that film has Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation to reach their want. For example, one students want to be a smart student, because he want all people around him give appreciate to him, so that he work harder to get good in math, until he get 92 in his final exam. It’s really inspiring me. I also see his intrinsic Motivation, because he has a big struggle to reach his goal. He also has view that ability and intelligence is not stable can be increased by effort (Incremental view of Intelligences). I hope I can do like this.

Another story about student that has ability to draw, but he is not good in math. I can see his effort to be good in math, even he must hit by his mother or his mother not allows him to draw. I think, this student has a little good self-efficacy, because he knows that he is good in drawing, he still draw even though his mother not allow it. I think his mother can decrease his self-efficacy. Maybe, the mother purpose is good, but the way is not good. It can make her children not save and feel sad, so that make him to do something unexpected, for example he try to kill himself. From that situation, I can see that environment in the family can influence someone habit. It’s appropriate with Maslow Theory. Everyone need physiological, safety, and loves to make them feel comfort with the environment. But this needs must be controlled not too much, because the effect is not good too if we give it much. For example in this film, Terry, a rich students, always get what he want, they get psychological, safety, and loves need to much, it make him depend on his family, and it difficult to make him to decide something. So, in the conclusion, it good we get all of the need, but it must be controlled.

in the same time, I more understand that everyone has a strength and weakness. we must to appreciate it, this film also make me more grateful to God about everything that God given to me. All of us is different and it make us rich. it’s not about who you are and what you have, but it’s about how you can improve it so that everything that you have can be useful for other. It’ just my opinion. 🙂

Okay, I think enough for my reflection. For the note, this film makes me crying and laughing in the same time. Heheheheheheh. Great Film.


Evik Dwi Priagung



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Motivating Students

Motivating students is a challenge all teachers face. Every classroom consists of a wide array of students and each of them brings different student learning styles, different interests, and different life experiences. That is what makes each classroom unique and special. There are several ways that teachers can tap into the individual learning styles and interests of students, thus making learning more fun and meaningful at the same time. One excellent way to start is by having strong classroom management skills; you can refine your natural talents in this area by following the tips found in Take Back That Class.

Here are some teaching ideas about how to motivate students:

Expectations. Teachers should set reasonable objectives for every lesson that allow their students to progress in the classroom. Expect students to achieve the objectives and they will. Studies show that students achieve at higher rates when their teachers have high expectations for them.

Uplifting. Keep the atmosphere in the classroom positive and uplifting. A cheerful and motivating environment will fuel the students’ intrinsic need to succeed in their endeavors.

Praise. Positive reinforcement is a tried and true method of teaching students new material. Make sure to let the students know that they have done a good job. For example, you can give rewards or stickers for high-test scores.

Variation. Because everyone learns differently, you will need to vary the means by which students earn rewards. Look at all aspects of the classroom when you are creating ways to reward the students. This includes test scores, daily lessons, and even student behavior.

Success. Motivate students by showing them that they can be successful in the classroom. Teachers can differentiate instruction to meet the students’ needs by adjusting the corresponding class work to the appropriate levels. Class work can be modified in a variety of ways: shortened assignments, extra response time or enrichment activities.

Relevance. Show students how what they are learning matters in real life. This is one of the most effective motivation techniques, especially for older students, as it lends meaning and purpose to their hard work. Guide students to discuss the new material, and allow students to draw on their own experiences to enrich and comprehend the new material.

Engaging Questions. Lead in with questions that will get the students talking. Encourage students to discuss the topic by bringing what they know about the topic to the classroom discussion. Clarify any questions that arise by encouraging the students to talk to each other first and expand on their pre-existing knowledge.

Problem Solving. Teaching students how to overcome challenges is another important factor in keeping them motivated. If they have the skills to navigate the problems they encounter they will achieve more. One way to do so is to encourage the pupils to ask questions when they are unclear on new material.

Teamwork. This is one of the most important factors in motivating students. When they work together to succeed at a common goal it will help them to bond and work well together in the future. Having this cohesion in the classroom will boost productivity amongst the students and make for a more positive teaching environment.

Incorporate different learning styles. Use a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom to facilitate the lesson. Classroom discussions consist of whole group learning. Cooperative group learning allows students to work together on assignments in small groups. Direct instruction allows teachers to model lesson assignments first so students can work independently at their desks.

Rewards and Privileges. Rewards and privileges are great motivational tools for hard work. Teachers can use a variety of them to motivate student participation. Examples of privileges or rewards are as follows:

  • Lunch with the teacher allows students to come back to the classroom and eat lunch with the teacher.
  • Extra center time allows students to have a few more minutes at a computer lab.
  • Pizza parties or snacks can be offered as incentives.
  • A token-based economy is a great reward system that lets students earn points or “tokens” that can be cashed in for prizes, such as pencils or notepads.

Motivating students with the rewards listed above is particularly effective for younger students.

Removing Barriers to Learning. Another means of motivating students is to remove the roadblocks that keep them from learning. Even with the proper motivation, a pupil faced with a barrier they don’t have the learning tools to overcome will not succeed and will lose motivation due to that lack of success. Spend some classroom time removing educational obstacles so the student can learn and grow. The following barriers to learning are factors that affect motivation.

  • Communication. Students and teachers need to communicate their needs with each other. Having open lines of communication with your students will make a large difference when trying to motivate them to do their work.
  • Safe Environment. Your students will learn best in a classroom that is free of debris. Keep the room tidy, with the help of your students! Requiring them to clean their own area of the classroom will also help them feel as though they are contributing to the group.
  • Accommodations. Some students will have limitations. Once these have been communicated you will want to work around the issue. Making small changes to help the students learn will keep them motivated. For example, some pupils may need left-handed scissors in the classroom in order to complete their work.
  • Seating. Plan the seating arrangements so that all the students have the same ability to retain new material. Some pupils learn best when they are at the front of the classroom instead of the back where they get easily distracted. Ensure that students are seated for optimal learning.
  • Rules. Clear rules give students a safe, dependable system in which to work. Have the class rules posted in a conspicuous place. Go over the rules with the students at the beginning of the year. Then make sure that they are posted where the pupils can glance at them any time.

There are lots of ways to motivate students. Most importantly teachers can show students that they can be great learners. By addressing the various needs of the students inside each classroom, students’ achievement levels will increase and so will their positive motivation.

Source: Motivating Students: Teaching Strategies for Student Learning by Marlese Durand


Every student is unique. They have different learning style, learning needs, and different motivation trough learning process in the school. This uniqueness create complex circumstance that require teacher to approaches students individually, in order to make learning take place.

From those three factors that influence students learning perfomance, motivation factor is the most influenced factor. Motivation to learn will give more spirit to face difficulties in learning process. Motivated students will tends to persevere and resist to solve problems that appear in learning process.

Then, what kind of motivation strategy that teachers need in the class? Here some alternatives that teachers could use in their class.

  • Praise

Positive reinforcement is one of common way to increase students motivation. However, in some circumstances positive reinforcement, such as giving reward in form of things, could lead students motivation to get the reward not to learn. In order to avoid this disadvantage, reward or praise that teacher could use is more tends to non-things reward, such as applause, verbal praise, extra marks, etc.

  • Teamwork

Using teamwork in class could create belonging feeling to the class. This feeling could increase students motivation in the learning process. this could be happened because the students feel that she/he is part of the class and trust feeling to their friends.

  • Success

Teacher usually use this strategy in the difficult topic. By designing material delivering and problem level, from low to hard, teacher could plant confidentiality to all of students that they are able and capable to solve every problem that they face in the learning process.

Those are some examples of strategy that teachers could apply in their classroom in order to motivate their students. Actually, there are more strategies that exist there. You also could share your opinion or strategy that you have been applied in your classroom.

Titiah Dewi Masitoh

Evik Dwi Priagung

Novani Lieadi

Huda Marofiq

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it’s time to be a “Center of Attention”

Yeah, finally this week is the last week for our teaching experience. See you in the next semester. Hehehehhe. Again,I got so many experience in this teaching experience, as usual it is about my amazing class.

This week is my first teaching alone in front of class with 37 students. It’s like the real teacher; my first feeling that I feel is nervous and wonder, why? Because I’m afraid that my class not respect to me and my lesson plan can work well. So many bad think come up to my mind, ok, I try to be calm down and its work. I feel better and I can think positively.

Ok, now the show time, I open the class, and “all eyes look at me”, I just said in my heart, this is that I want, right? So be calm and enjoy this experience. Ok, and I’m ready, in the first, I make a regulation for our class in 2 hours, the regulation is about respect, active, and silent HP. Why I wrote active, because it related to my classroom action research. After make a regulation, I started this lesson; I recalled them about the last material. I also made the in several group. And I feel happy, because they are very respect to me and to other friends when the other friend did presentation, I’m proud of them. Okay, it is right if they are noisy students, but they also active and share with other. In the end of the class, I also give them a post test, and I also ask them to write about advise and their impression when learn with me and then they must collect their paper to me.

Finally, I finished my job, I read their comment directly when I arrived in my boarding house. Their comment is very important to me to improve my skill in teaching and as a reflection. Their comment is very positive to me and make me feel, wooowww, there is something different happen in my heart when I read their comment, they are very good to give me a comment, some of them said that I have a soft voice, I am too gentle, and I am “unyu-unyu”. I like all of their comments so variety and inspire me to be a good teacher. Besides getting comments from my students I also get comment from my master teacher. Their comment makes me understand about my strength and my weakness in teaching. My master teacher said, “Don’t speak too fast”. Hahahahahha, I must learn more about it, hehehehehe.

Okay, this is my story, I hope in the next semester, I will get the special experience like in this semester. Thank you for all.

Evik Dwi Priagung



Tired and Great Week :)

Hi my friends, before I make a reflection about this week when I got school experience in one of best school in Jakarta, I want to say, this week is very tired week, hahahahahha, but no problem girls, because from this week we can learn so many things. So, keep rock guys and keep smiling, I belief we can pass it well.

Okay, now, I will tell you about my reflection. Yeah, I can say “Alhamdulillah” because I got special school for my teaching experience. This school is one of famous school in Jakarta, it’s located in Kebayoran, south Jakarta.  One of Indonesian artist is come from this school, so that I’m very proud to be here. Hehehhehehehe.

In this week, I observed master teacher in tenth grade. Actually the teacher can teach systematically and can deliver well. The teacher also gives the indicator in the first meeting, but I found something different for the students. I saw that most of students only think about their mark, so the motivation of students in that school is about mark. Sometimes, the teacher give exercises and the students want to solve it when they get mark from the teacher. I think it’s quite scary situation, because it cannot help students to understand the material well and maybe it can make students fight each other without collaborative learning.

In other class, the teacher also gives different methods for different class. For example in class A, the teacher gives lecturing methods, but in other class, the teacher gives group discussion. It depend on students’ ability and time allocation. Hmm, this observation gives me more knowledge. It’s okay to be a teacher, but we must to be a good teacher in the future that can give our students the meaningful learning in joyful way. Wow.

Besides do observation, I also get a chance to be a real teacher, yeah, I get a chance to teach class B, it’s wonderful experience, because their response is positive. In this teaching, I’m doing peer teaching with my friend, Arifin. Their responses are positive to us. We are very proud of this. We also observe our friends when they teach their students, so we can give feedback each other to improve our skill in teaching. We also to be a supervisor when the student get an exam, it’s like to be a real teacher. Hehhehehe. This is my story. Thank you. 🙂


About my dreams

Thursday, 6 of October 2011

Yeah today is third meeting in MMSEL course, from my boarding house, I had a lot of spirit to join in this class, because I am very interesting about this course. I can get motivation to be a motivate teacher.

Actually, in this day we started our study at 08.12 o’clock, because Ibu Lydia had meeting with Ibu Mima, other lecturer for MMSEL course. In the first, we made a new rule about our class. This is about students who come late. The tolerance only fifteen minutes for 2 times with not concecutife times. If student break the rule, student cannot allow to the class. Wow, very interesting and very scarayI think. But, it can make students more discipline to this course.

After make a rule, we continue to talk about our school experience in the next week, actually we have a lot of assignment from this course. Wow, we have do a lot of things, but I will do it, I must more motivate to do this assingment. Hahahahaha. Keep rock and keep spirit.

I think, in the 30 minutes early for this morning, we talk about serious thing, very serious maybe. Hehehe. We talked about our new rule and our assignment for school experince. And then we continued to the fun learning. We talk about our dream in 5 or 10 years later. It’s very interesting for me, before we shared to all our friends in Section B, we must draw it in to a paper. I drew my self very well I think. Hhehehehe. Just to motivate our self. Yeah finally, this time I share about our dreams. So many thing that I have. I want to be the real my self, i want to be a great teacher, I want to be a comentator or judge in beauty pageant, I want to buy a big house for my parent, I want to make my parent happy with my self, I want my parent to be a hajj, and so many thing that impossible to write it. It just half about my dream. Hopefully I can reach. I’m very interesting for this session, because I can know about my friends’ dream. Their dream is very amazing, some of them want to continue their study, sonme of them has plan to get a daughter and a son, some of them want to get a pair in their life. It’s very interesting. Hopefully, we can get it all my beloved friends. Amin. J

After sharing our dream, we continue to jigsaw reading, my home group are Fitri, Titiah and Novani. And then, I get about belief in intelligence that talk about students belief. I must discuss it with my expert group that consist of Rahayu, Ipin, jonathan, and Andi. Belief in intelligence talk about entity and incremental. Entity is belief that intelligence come from our parent (inherited), incremental is intelligence that we get from our effort. From the discussion, I reflect that, I must learn english harder, because I belief that I’m not entity, but I’m incremental. I less effort my skill to be good in English, I must learn harder. Hehehe. After discuss with expert group, I caome to home group, and we share together. Titiah shared about expectation (outcome future), Fitriyani talked about self efficacy, and Novani talked about belief in value. I get so many information from that, I more understand about the topic. Thank for all.

In the end of this course. We made something like reflection, about our expectation on this course and expectation when we learn in SSE. After write it, we change our paper to the other friend beside of us. My pair is Titiah. And then, we decide where expectation, where is belief, etc. Interesting session I think. Thanks for all my friends that gave me so many information today and thanks to Ibu Lydia that gave us interesting study so that we motivated to learn MMSEL course. 🙂


Evik Dwi Priagung



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Time to Show… :)

29th of September 2011

Yes, today is one of wonderful day, I got a lot of thing in MMSEL course. In the first meeting, we introduce our breakfast to another, and then in the next friend beside of us must repeat that our said, very interesting I think. From that activity, I can know about my friends’ breakfast, and that’s right, there are so many menu of breakfast. Hahahahaha. Very fun. Some student didn’t have breakfast, and the other has special breakfast, like martabak, bubur ayam, susu, nasi udug, etc. But the most students have bakwan for their breakfast. 😀


After that activity, we focus to the topic seriously, yeah it’s about presentation. My group consist of Novani, Titiah, Huda and I. We must explain about Sociocultural Theory. Actually and honestly, I still copnfuse about this theory, I just know a little bit. Heheheheheh. So, I just explain it without a detail explanation. Hehehehehe. Sorry for the audience that got information from me.


After that presentation, we learn about topic 2, the influence of Needs on Motivation to learn. In this topic we focused on the Maslow Theory. This is the important session, I understand more about the theory, not like in the semester 1, I understand clearly about this topic. So, I’m very happy about that. This Theory explaine by my friends in the first, and then miss Lydia continued it. I got a lot of information about it. Thanks for all.


After Maslow theory, we read article from miss Lydia, the article is about self determination and self worth. We read the article and then share about what we have read to our pair. Our pair is a friend is has a far place from ours, and I got my daughter, Ayu. Hehehehehe. Ayu and I share about what we have read, She help me so much about this article. I get clearly explanantion that make me more understand about the article. She explained it well. Thank you Ayu. After share with our pair, then we share with the other pair and I got Jonthan and mbak Desy. Again, we share each other and I got a lot of knowledge from them. I’m very interesting with this session. Thank you for all, especially Ayu, Mbak Desy, and Jonathan that gave me clearly information about the article.


After share with pair, we also did role play. Wow, this is the most interesting session that I like, I love role play, I love act in front of my friend. In this session, we must play based on the article. But, we didn’t allowed to share our theme with other group. The other group must answer the theme by watch our drama, very interesting. My group consist of Ayu, Novani, Dian Eki, Nia, and Riyan. We presented about self worth. I’m very grateful, because our group can presented it well. Thank you four your collaborative friends. Thank you.


Yeah, all of above are activities that we have done in this day in MMSEl course, hopefully in the next meeting, we can learn it more interesting. Thank you for all my friends and Miss Lydia.


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reflection to be reflective. :)

MMSEL or Motivation and Management of Student for Effective Learning is new topic that I get in this semester (fifth semester). When I heard it in the first, I felt confuse what we will learn in this topic, and suddenly my brain full of theory that related with motivation. I just say in my heart, Oh my God, how many theory that will I get in this day, I think it will be hard for me to follow this topic, because I am one of students that has low level in memorizing, so that I feel afraid if I cannot follow well in this topic. But, okay no problem, it will be okay. I always said like that to give courage for myself.
And badadam, the clock showed in 8.00am, its mean MMSEL class will be start, I still confuse what will we learn and I still imagine how many theory that we will have today, so confusing. Hahahhaa. But, it’s not like my imagination, why? MMSEL class is not scary class like my imagination. MMSEL class is one of my favorite classes. In this class, I can increase my confident to speak in front of the class; I think it’s much needed, because I’m a teacher candidate. Like in this day, I can tell to my friends why I want to be a teacher honestly. For your information, one main reason why I want to be a teacher is I want to get more of attention from many people. Maybe it is strange reason, but, I just to try to talk honestly. Hehehehehe. Besides that, I also tell another reason, why I want to be a teacher.
My friends also tell why they want to be a teacher, I think it’s the interesting one in this day, because I can know my friends deeply, and I can learn from them by hearing they story. This is the interesting season. Another interesting season is when we write down all of why we like some topic or why we dislike some topic. After that, we decide which one the intrinsic motivation and which one the extrinsic motivation. From that, I can understand about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation more. We also discuss with our group about some theory in motivation.
Oh so wonderful in this day, I can get much new knowledge. I hope I always get new knowledge and always cheerful when I join in this class. Thanks for my lecture and all my friends. 

Evik Dwi Priagung
Section B 2009


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